A Day in the Life of a Landscaper in the Spring

A Day in the Life of a Landscaper in the Spring

The sun rises and so do you. I get dressed and catch the weather and the news while I eat breakfast and I’m trying to get out the door. I decide to put some fertilizer on but would rather get the seeding job done since the weather forecast is calling for rain on Wednesday. The problem is that the yard is a little wet and the guy that does my grading is running behind his schedule. His excuse is that it has rained every other day for the last two weeks. I rush out the door but turn around to answer the phone. Someone wants to know if I have anything to do today. They are having a party tomorrow and need some things done.

I want to say, “Nope – I’ve got my feet propped up on the desk and I’m just waiting for you to call,” but I show restraint and politely tell them I have commitments. They tell me they have called several people and that they will keep calling.I wish them luck. I head outside to get the guys headed to where they need to go and try to load my truck. The cell phone rings and I’m distracted, which isn’t hard for me at this point. I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached. I finally get going after I water plants and head out of the driveway. I go through a mental list of what I need in the truck and as I get to the corner, I have to turn around. Are you shocked that I forgot something? My neighbor chuckles at me since I do this often. On the road again and finally working. Later, after lunch, the spreader pin comes out and I stick a nail in to make it work until I can get to the hardware store. An hour later the son calls and he needs me to pick up something so they can get some work done.

I look at two potential jobs and get home around dark. I have a couple of bids and designs to work on, and I fight the urge to watch “Hogan’s Heroes” on TV Land. I fail, watch a little TV, and go bed to enthusiastically wake up and start the next day. Yes, sarcasm is a part of my personality, can’t you tell?

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