Black Gold, Texas Tea

Black Gold, Texas Tea

Those of you who are of a certain generation can sing the Beverly Hillbillies theme song word for word. Since I am older than dirt or soil, as my college professor would make me say, I fall into that category. I’d like to educate you about another type of black gold. Compost. You won’t be able to load it up on the truck and head to Beverly Hills, but it is the secret of gardening. Granny would have told you that was the secret to her greens. Every chance we get, we add it to our soils, or what we pretend to call soil. Usually in a landscape situation, especially around the foundation, we hit subsoil clay from the basement and it won’t support plant life as we know it. It has no organic material, no fertility, and won’t drain. Roots aren’t sexy, but without them there aren’t flowers or foliage.

What’s the solution, short of massive excavation? Compost. We try to add two or more inches of compost to our planting beds and rototill and incorporate it into the clay as much as possible. With this procedure, we at least give plants a fighting chance. And be honest, we all want healthy plants that flower and look good. So Jed was shootin’ at some food, hit some bubbling crude, and became a millionaire from Black Gold, Texas Tea. My Black Gold won’t make you a millionaire but could make your lawn look better. Thanks for
reading the ramblings of a man who, for 20 years, has sniffed too many chemicals. You can find this Black Gold at Don Roderich’s compost facility on Bearsdale Rd.

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