Borers Multiple Choice

Borers Multiple Choice

Borers are:

    • A. The lady next to you on the airplane seat who
      shows you 30 pictures of her cat wearing different
    • B. Farmers who raise male hogs.
    • C. Factory workers who use drill presses to make holes in metal.
    • D. Larvae of a moth or fly that tunnels into the trunks or twigs,

usually resulting in the death of the plant.

The correct answer is D; however, I’ll give you a half credit if you answered A, B or C. Most trunk borers can be found by examining the lower part of the trunk and looking for an opening. Often you will see sap oozing from the wound. We could write about a dozen pages on all the species and bore you to death. Get it, “bore” you to death? But I won’t.


There are several dozen borers and they all attack different hosts. Generally speaking, their period of activity starts from April to September and symptoms are death of a plant, usually from the top down or individual stems. In most situations we use imachlorpid, but first you need to identify what it is before you treat. Call the professional or your extension service. As a general rule, keep the plant healthy by fertilizing it and keeping it well-watered, especially if it’s under attack

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