Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

I’d ask you how your investments are going but that could be a loaded question. Want a sure fire idea?
Shade Trees.

  • 1. They appreciate in value as they grow.
  • 2. Reduce cooling costs.
  • 3. Often give aesthetic beauty to property.
  • 4. Give a pretty good return on investment when resale of a
    home is done.

Often a good tree can give you a $5 to $10 thousand extra on the price on your home. It’s a no brain-er… $200-$350 can turn into $5,000 in 20 years.
Fall is the best time to plant trees. We normally plant from September until the ground freezes… around Thanksgiving. We’d love to discuss this investment strategy with you. Wow. Yesterday I was a Landscaper… today I’m an Investment Counselor.

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