It’s Easy Being Green- Part 2

It’s Easy Being Green- Part 2

This is part two of my award-winning series. I’m hoping to win a Klutzer. I have a friend and classmate who has won a Pulitzer Prize and I want him to know that he has competition. I’m not sure who he is, but I’m sure he has competition. Is this about Kermit the Frog singing how difficult it is to be green? No – it’s little things to help you have green lawns, lush landscapes and pretty flowers, and are environmentally friendly. At my house I rely on mulch and weeding to keep my landscaping weed free. I also rely on praying mantises, toads and barn swallows to help keep insects down. As an added feature, during the summer there is a mother hen with baby chicks running over the lawn. They are like a vacuum sweeper cleaning the lawn of anything that moves. Yes, I will rent the hen and chicks out. Here are some green tips for the landscape. (con’t)

    • 7. It all starts with soil or dirt (forgive me, Roy – my soils teacher in college). Soil that
      has organic material (dark color) and drains, with good fertility, grows healthy plants.
      They fight off bugs and diseases and don’t need a lot of work. Unfortunately, these soils
      don’t exist after construction.
    • 8. Shade trees on the west and south sides of the house will cut cooling bills.
    • 9. A wind break on the north or northwest side of your property can reduce heating
      bills. My wind break that I planted 28 years ago has been a wonderful investment. I can’t
      tell the wind is blowing out on the prairie when the wind is howling out of the north.
    • 10. A plant in the right spot needs less fertilizer and pesticides
    • 11. Weeds that never go to seed don’t sprout the next year.
    • 12. Don’t plant real close to air conditioners. The AC’s need air movement to cool
    • 13. Mulch your plantings with bark. We use hardwood bark at a decent
      depth of several inches. Note – you can over-mulch if you continue to pile it
      on year after year.
    • 14. I plant annuals and perennials fairly close to crowd out weeds and
      use a little common sense.

So close your eyes and imagine you are singing with Kermit and serenading
Miss Piggy. Here we go – “It’s easy being green.” Please
don’t crack a joke about Miss Piggy.

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